Siroi Mura

ALBA G CORRAL, Siroi Mura (2014)

Siroi Mura is a two-piece audiovisual artwork in which artist Alba G Corral explores the relationship between sound and moving image through a collaboration with musician Odil Bright.



Siroi Mura means “white village” in Japanese, recalling the whites villages of the Alpujarras, a region located on the southern mountains of Granada in Spain. Inspired by the beautiful location, the artist explores the relationship and the contradiction between the Alpujarras and Japan. “Siroi Mura is like stopping in time, as time stops in the Alpujarras. It’s the contrast of two worlds, in one hand the rural areas of southern Spain and in another hand the Japanese countryside.”

Using the screen as a canvas, and code as the brush, Alba composed two different variations of the artwork, customising the processing software to integrate generative elements with a layer of hand-made digital drawing. In Siroi Mura #1 Alba’s visual creation responds to the music, complementing audio and video; dark and white colours; space and digital. Siroi Mura #2 proposes an alternative dialogue in which Odil’s composition is created from Alba’s visual explorations.

Siroi Mura was commissioned for the New Realities exhibition at Mobile World Centre Barcelona.

Hardware & Software Used:
Hardware: Apple Macbook Pro, Nanokontrol, Wacom Tablet

Software: Processing, Syphoner, Syphon Recorder

Alba G Corral website:
Represented by Alpha-ville
Siroi Mura 1 is available as a limited edition on Sedition.

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