Cardia (Étude Op 2)


Saturday 6th October, 4.15pm
Hackney Picturehouse
Directed by Sougwen Chung

In Cardia (Étude Op 2), layers of digital representation coalesce with analog abstraction, forming the interior and exterior of a myogenic muscular organ. Cardia starts off with a tremor of movement without resolution, beginning a myopic journey through a cavernous and alien space. As disorienting and mesmerizing as it is wholly enveloping, the viewers gaze recedes slowly, at which point the form is revealed in its entirety. The transgression from interior to exterior coincides with a backdrop of crystalline shards — a magnification of the form imploding, itself transforming into a cloud of iridescent particles and then fading to black.

Music: “Outside” by Sepalcure
Label: Hotflush

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