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Alpha-ville Festival is an annual celebration of art, creative technology, music and digital culture. It provides a platform to create, collaborate, network, share and get inspired. If you come to Alpha-ville you will meet national and international artists, creative coders, makers, start ups, students, brands, organisations and people alike that want to change the way they work or live through the use of technology.

The festival presents an eclectic mix of activities and events including: installations, screenings, workshops, panels, concerts, labs, meet ups, parties and a symposium.

> 2012: 6 October
> 2011: 22-25 September
> 2010: 17-18 September
> 2009: 5 September

What other people say about Alpha-ville:

Unmissable (WIRED)
One of the most spellbinding events I’ve ever been to” (@ideoforms, festival goer)
An exciting exploration of the interaction between electronic music, visual performances and other cultural practices” (Design Week)
A festival that celebrates the bleeding edge of circuit geekery” (Time Out)
Gem after gem” (Le Cool)
Loved it, really beautiful” (Hackney Empire)
Redefining the next level” (The Veal Pen)

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