Pick of the week #35

by Antony Bowyer Lowe

The concept of “hacking” is becoming more and more interesting. Recent “hack days” are showing that actually hacking can also be a good thing, makes people get out of the box, create tools as solutions to problems. We believe these kind of initiatives are healthy for creativity and to push the boundaries of digital technologies.

At the beginning of the month, Music Hack Day took place in London at Barbican and even though we were not there we have been looking at some of the hacks developed during those 2 days and they are pretty impressive. Our pick of the week is a result of the work of Antony Bowyer Lowe during the Music Hack Day London and it’s an online generative techno beat sequencer: techno is the world. Antony’s consultancy Low Brow Eye aims to produce “cool solutions that enable cool people to express their creativity by creating cool stuff”. This app is pretty cool!

To play with the app you will need to use Google Chrome to get all the features, also don’t forget to put your headphones on. When you enter a word in the screen it will generate a sequence of techno beats depending on different things like number of vowels or happiness index. The result is fun and love the interface, so well done Antony!

Keywords: html5, musichack, app, techno