Pick of the week #60

a short film by Eran May-raz and Daniel Lazo

Sight is a film about the future of human communication and interaction using AR vision. As tech companies continue developing their AR vision devices, such as the Google Project Glass, at the Alpha-ville team we are both concerned and excited about the possible impacts of this new technology in society. Some of the key questions were raised by Keiichi Matsuda back in 2010 with his Augmented Hyper(Reality) film that was winner of our moving image awards that year. Matsuda raised the challenge of exposing our personas in a physical form and how this could open new ways of communication and representation of our own selves.

Last year with CELL, a collaboration between Matsuda and Alliban, we continued the investigation about digital auras, opening a question about a basic change that we are all going through due to technology: our identities are becoming a commodity. Do we really realise of the impact this could have in the future?

Sight is a final project film by Eran May-raz and Daniel Lazo, students at the Bezaleal Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem. The film explores a future where human communication is driven by apps that predict behaviours and can give advice on dating. Very well achieved, enjoy!

Keywords: AR, futurevision, identity, dating