Sonora Boards

Pick of the Week #65

Creativity isn’t lacking in Southern Spain as proven by this week’s pick: Sonora Boards, a creative project that brings together electronic engineering processes, the design of musical instruments and music composition. The main idea of the project is to transform everyday objects into MIDI musical instruments that have a unique personality and sound, designed with a personal style.

Sonora Boards was born in Southern Spain, Andalucia and is lead by Oscar Carrero (Embedded Designs) on the engineering and systems design side and Lucio Calderon on the music composition side. They kicked started the project with funding from Frontera Sur 2011 and it continues to grow. So far there is a set of instruments created and the music side is controlled with Ableton Live software:

Midi keyboard built from a skate board and an old Casio.

Skeyboard Making Off from Sonora Boards on Vimeo.

Xylophone style midi controller made with skate boards.

Skatelofono Making Off from Sonora Boards on Vimeo.

Skatemin: Pitch control built as a Theremin integrated on a skate board.
Drum board & effects board: built using wooden chopping boards.

Sonora Boards -Promo- from Sonora Boards on Vimeo.

Sonora Boards are working on a new AV show integrating these and/or other DYI instruments, we look forward to hearing from the development of this project!

Keywords: #DIY, #integration, #newmusicinstrument, #midi