Unnamed Soundsculpture


Saturday 6th October, 4.15pm
Directed by Cedric Kiefer and Daniel Franke
Duration: 0:04:55

Honorary mention from the Prix Ars Electronica in the category Computer Animation Film VFX.
Nominated for the 14th MuVi Award, International Short Film Festival Oberhausen.

Produced by onformative and chopchop the “unnamed soundsculpture” is a project by Daniel Franke & Cedric Kiefer, building from the simple idea of creating a moving sand sculpture from the recorded motion data of a real person. For the work the team asked a dancer to visualize a musical piece (Kreukeltape by Machinenfabriek) as closely as possible by movements of her body. She was recorded by three depth cameras (Kinect) using Processing, in which the intersection of the images was later put together to a three-dimensional volume (3d point cloud) in 3D Studio Max, so they were able to use the collected data throughout the further process.