Instructions to wind-up the clock


Visual by Alba G. Corral (Barcelona, Spain)
Music by Escort Service  (Barcelona, Spain)

“Instrucciones para dar cuerda al reloj” was born from a live event taking place in July 2011 in Barcelona (Caixa Forum), part of the Visual Narrative Cycle. Curated by Noelia Rodriguez and framed in the programming of the Summer Nights Art Center, the cycle included four European visual artists that created live narrative pieces (audiovisual) based on the stories of Julio Cortázar. “Instrucciones para dar cuerda al reloj” is an audio-visual piece focusing on aging and death while using allegorically repeated movement patterns as those of a clock hand. Typography is also an important element of the piece which uses phrases from Julio Cortázar’s stories.

Editor’s Note :

Clocks and temporal images might be looked at as a major component of the visual soundscape of “Instrucciones para dar cuerda al reloj”, creating notes and rhythms while subtly creating a story. The nicely mixed B&W images and the code art combine in a narrative texture that resonates with the piece’s deeply sensitive music. “Instrucciones para dar cuerda al reloj” is a peaceful, beautiful and meditative work.

Keywords: narrative,  audiovisual,  processing,  live cinema


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